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Video Poker Tactics

Video Poker Strategy

Here at we aim to provide you with a variety of ways to get the most out of your video poker playing time. We provide video poker strategy information combined with free video poker games for you test out your different video poker systems and video poker strategies. For example see the Jacks or Better page, which features the free game and Jacks or Better video poker tips and playing strategy info!!

On the site we have given you access to different free video poker games all no download free flash video poker games which means you do not need to download any casino software to play them. For each game we have provided playing tips and game specific strategy information. So you can learn the video poker game and practice playing it correctly and keeping the casino edge to a minimum, albeit in free mode. However if you do decide to play or real money in the future with increased knowledge you will have increased your chances of winning at video poker.

Free Video Poker Games

Below we show the most popular free online video poker games, as you can see we offer you both regular free play video poker as well as free multi hand video poker games. At the same time we offer you the right casino online sites where you can have the best video poker games experience. All of these games are flash based which mean you may need to download a flash update in order to run them, this is totally safe and will enhance your browsing experience on other web sites that use flash too.

Free Video Poker - Deuces Wild
Free Video Poker Game Deuces Wild

Deuces Wild is one of the most popular video poker game, other popular games include; Aces & Faces, Tens or Better and Jacks or Better. We also offer the following free no download video poker games.

Deuces & Joker
Double Double Bonus Joker
Double Joker
Jacks or Better
Joker Poker
Louisiana Double

Free Multi Hand Video Poker - Jacks or Better
Free Multi Hand Jacks or Better Video Poker

Allowing you to play up to 5 hands at once Jacks or Better is one of the most popular multi hand video poker games, Multi-Hand Aces & Faces and Multi-Hand Tens or Better are also very popular. Other free play video poker multi hand games we offer are listed below.

Multi-Hand Deuces & Joker
Multi-Hand Deuces Wild
Multi-Hand Double Joker
Multi-Hand Joker Poker

Overview of Video Poker

Since the 70s, gambling pros and first-time players alike have placed their bets on a winning combination of luck, skill, and action, otherwise known as video poker.  Unlike with other casino games, video poker games offer a good chance to beat the house at their own game.  It only takes some smart shopping skills in betting and sometimes, even just a hunch, whether players will hold on to their cards or would go for better hands, to win in video poker.

Video poker also offers an opportunity to play online slots and the five card draw in one amazing game.  Though it has more than a few variations to offer, depending on the game provider, the rulesof each are almost the same. To get started, the player can use the pay table in choosing the denominations for his bets.  To get his cards, he may press the "Draw" or "Deal" button.  The video poker player may choose to hold and keep some cards or opt to discard the others and get new ones by hitting "Deal" or "Draw."  He may check his credits or cash out to see how he fared in the game. Meanwhile, other video poker versions also feature a "double playoff" to round up a new roll of action and amusement. 

Video poker players could either be a low-stake gambler or a poker pro.  What counts most in this type of online casino game is how they'll manipulate the odds for winning through experience, strategies, or say, even a stroke of luck with a royal flush on hand.

With social media such a big thing right now we thought it only right that we take a look at the social network world of online casinos which is more than just facebook and twitter.

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